Loans in action – bargain summer deals

In the summer, many banks try to attract attention by offering good-value loans and offering interesting loans in action. These include E-Money Bank, which decided to forgive the loan approval fee during the summer, or Good Credit Bank, which will pay you a bonus of up to USD 3,000 if your loans are consolidated.

E-Money Bank’s Free Summer Loan

E-Money Bank

At E-Money Bank you can vacate until the end (until 31 August 2012) to take advantage of the special summer offer. If you decide to take out a loan (Expres Loan or Loan Consolidation), your bank will forgive the loan approval fee during this period.

The loan approval fee at E-Money bank normally amounts to 1% of the total loan amount, at least 500 USD. So if you decide to borrow 300000 USD, you will save up to 3000 USD for the summer event.

But in addition to the credit approval fee, you can save a lot more. All loans and consolidations concluded during this summer are free of charge. So you pay nothing for keeping a credit account or for early repayment of a loan. Exemption without fees will not apply only in the summer, for those who have taken out a loan with E-Money Bank now, exemption from fees applies throughout the repayment period.

Consolidation of loans with Good Credit Bank with a bonus of USD 3,000

Consolidation of loans with Good Credit Bank with a bonus of USD 3,000

Another bank that has prepared an interesting summer offer is Good Credit Bank. The bank offers a bonus of USD 3,000 to all those who decide to use the consolidation of loans and credits from this bank’s offer. This bonus will be paid by Good Credit Bank to your account and you can use the money for whatever you want.

Good Credit Bank special offer – summer consolidation of loans with a bonus of USD 3,000.

One of the great advantages of consolidation at Good Credit Bank is that the bank also pays any penalty fees for you. If you have loans or loans with other banks, premature repayment (consolidation) often involves various penalty fees that could make it more expensive for you to consolidate. In this case, however, Good Credit will assume these fees and you pay nothing.

If you are considering consolidating loans from Good Credit banks, you can earn up to USD 600,000. You do not even need a co-applicant or guarantor up to USD 250,000. Consolidation of loans from Good Credit Bank.