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Conscious Minds Camp is an educational and healing experience among the trees and the stars.  You’re invited to come and join us for a week or weekend to envision, learn, and explore.


What does it feel like to live in a healthy and resilient community? How can we positively adapt to climate change as individuals and as a global community?

We created this camp because as young people we grew tired of simply talking about what's wrong with the world. We craved space where we could put existing solutions into practice on an individual and community level, and work to embody healthy and harmonious living.


You can expect a lot of time spent getting to know the stories and lessons of other people at camp. We take time to:

-  Appreciate and honour nature

- Celebrate

- Have hard conversations in a non-judgmental environment

- Learn about and develop practical strategies for climate change

- Learn from the Elders and mentors who visit camp

- Embrace multi-traditional ceremony and ways of honouring and grieving

- Engage in holistic health, decolonization, human rights, and climate change resilience

            - Eat delicious and nutritious food for all diets


"A life changing and eye opening camping trip. A place to explore new things and ideas while feeling completely comfortable"

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