The Camp...

Conscious Minds Camp is an educational and healing experience among the trees and the stars. For 14 days we gather at the beautiful Cobourg Scout Reserve to experiment with what it means to live in a healthy and resilient community.

We created this camp because as young people we craved spaces to re-connect and re-imagine our relationships with ourselves, the earth and each other. The reality of climate change and extreme inequalities is scary; but, instead of being overwhelmed with fear we choose to view these major shifts as an unprecedented opportunity to re-imagine how we live as human beings.

At camp - away from the routines of our day-to-day lives - we take the time to play, imagine, and embody an equitable and democratic future, where we treat each other and the earth with respect.

We understand the need to nourish our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical selves. If we want to change the outer world we have to do the inner work too. As we process this work, we hold space for each other. We are grateful to the elders and mentors who join us to co-create sacred spaces for ceremony, and strategies for change.



"A life changing and eye opening camping trip. A place to explore new things and ideas while feeling completely comfortable"

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